Come. Sit. Play!

Your dog will look forward to Dog Buddies daycare! Our staff don’t just watch your pup – they will also feed and play with them – and even administer medication if needed. One or more of our staff is with the dogs at all times. In short, we’re here to provide what your dog needs to have fun and stay safe while in our care!

Doggy Daycare Facility

While at daycare, each dog has access to comfortable beds, fresh water, safe toys, and clean indoor and outdoor play areas. The indoor play areas are covered in thick, shock-absorbing flooring and wainscoting to protect the bones and joints of the bigger dogs and provide safety for all dogs. Our facilities are designed so that all dogs must pass between two doors to go from one area to another, so we always maintain control over the ebb and flow of our guests. Take a look at our Gallery to see our daycare and washing facilities.

Healthy & Pest-Free

Our daycare population is carefully screened to include only healthy, pest-free, dog-and-people-friendly dogs. Safety is our highest priority!

Daycare Fees

Temperament Eval.

(Includes a free half or full day trial.)

Monthly Packages (Per Dog)


(~$20 per day)

Day Visits (Per Dog)

Full Day (6 hours or more)
1 Day

5 Days

($32 per day)

10 Days

($29 per day)

Half Day (6 hours or less)
1/2 Day

5 - 1/2 Days

($25 per 1/2 day)

10 - 1/2 Days

($21.50 per 1/2 day)

Hourly (Up-to 2 hours)
Per Hour

(After 2 hours you will be charged for either a half day or full day depending on duration of the stay.)

A la Carte

Extra 1on1 Time (15 min)


PB Filled Kong (Xylitol free)

XL Bully Stick - 12in

M Bully Stick - 6in

15 min Dog Walk

Professional Photoshoot

(5-10 staged & edited photos.)

Dogs will be separated as necessary. Payment is due in advance. Day Visits expire 12 months after purchase. Monthly Packages expire 1 month after initial purchase. A second dog receives a 10% discount from above rates – excluding a la carte items.

Pup, Pup, Hooray!

Dog Buddies daycare just might become your pup’s favorite time of day with our caring staff and all of his or her best dog friends!