So Fresh and So Clean

Dog Buddies is here to keep your pups lookin’ and feelin’ good. We offer a full spectrum of grooming services including: full-service grooming, no-haircut grooming, nail trims, and DIY.

For self-service washing, our grooming stations provide plenty of warm water in tall, comfortable sinks so you don’t get that dreaded “lower back dog-wash syndrome.” We supply shampoo (mild, non-allergenic or non-detergent, and oatmeal) conditioner/detangler, brushes, combs, towels, dryers, nail clippers, and waterproof aprons. We’ll even snap a picture of you and you and your pup if you like! In short, we have everything you need for dog grooming and washing… except the dog.

Consider Doggy Daycare as Post Grooming Reward

It is not necessary for your dog to be enrolled in doggy daycare in order to be groomed or washed, but we encourage you to consider doing so a reward to your dog. If your dog begins associating grooming and bathing with fun doggy daycare or even dog training, it often makes a world of difference in their attitudes toward grooming overall.

Complete Grooming

Full Groom
Quoted per dog

No Haircut Grooming

Under 20 lbs

Over 20 lbs

Over 80 lbs

If Flease Are Found

You Wash

Self Wash

Additional Services

Nail Trim

Pampered from Head to Paws

A clean pup is a happy pup! Keep your dog looking and feeling good with Dog Buddies grooming services.